Our Services


    • Establishment and organizations of accounting systems in companies
    • Bookkeeping
    • Preparation and Declaration of Tax Returns
    • Preparation of Annual Activity Reports to the Ministry of Industry and Technology ( for foreign investments in Turkey)
    • Periodical Financial Reporting (In The Format Requested By Customer)
    • Budget Planning
    • ERP and MIS implementation

In accordance with laws, all statutory accountbooks of our clients are kept, financial statements are prepared and the declarations and reports those required to be issued are prepared. Additionally periodical financial reports are prepared by customizing the report format in accordance with the customer’s requests and demands, in Turkish Lira and/or in the equivalency amounts of the requested foreign currency unit, in English and Turkish languages. Reports can be issued by classifing according to the cost centers and projects in accordance with our customers’ demands.


  • Preparation of Payrolls
  • Personnel Procedures (Employments, dismissals, compensation calculations, personnel rights etc.)
  • Preparation of Social Security Declarations

In accordance with the laws, payrolls are prepared by taking the demands and requirements of the clients into account; such as the sector of the customer’s business, incentives to employees and emoloyers, and requests for paying salaries in foreign currency. Related declarations and reports are prepared in legal terms. We also prepare all documents that need to issued in the stages of personnel hiring and dismissals (contracts, notification letters, release letters, annual leave sheets etc.)


  • Audit of Accounting Transactions
  • Audit For Compliance To Tax Laws
  • Audit For Compliance To Social Security Legislation
  • Audit For Social Security Minimum Labor Requirements
Our clients are provided with the service of auditing the compliance of the accounting transactions held by their office personnel with the relevant laws. Similarly, compliance with relevant laws is also checked for the payrolls that have been issued. Related to public tenders, audit service is provided in the subject of SGK minimum labor reqirement compliance which is required for releasing the performance bonds submitted to the customer.


  • VAT Refunds,
  • Withholding Tax Refunds,
  • Obtaining Tax Exemption Certificates

Tax refund procedures require expertise. We get refund of VATs in cash or in account (deduction) by also when necessary adding the reports of Financial Councellor. Withholding tax refunds require a high level of expertise which is essential for preparing the files to be issued to the tax office with comprehensive and explanatory documents for accelarating the refund procedures.



  • Foreign Investments In Turkey
  • Establishment of Companies
  • Establishment of Branches
  • Registration of The Work Place To All Required Organizations (Tax office, municipality, social security etc.)
  • All Trade Registry Procedures
  • Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Liquidation
  • Changes In Articles of Association of a Company
  • Capital Share Transfers
  • Capital Raising or Decreasing
  • Change In The Form of Company
  • General Assembly Meeting Procedures

We analyse the needs of our clients who will conduct commercial activities or clients who are resident abroad but would like to open a work place in Turkey, and advise them by examining the effects of the planned formation in accordance with tax and other laws; realize the establishment procedures as planned, register the work place to necessary organizations such as tax office, social security organization, municipality etc. For our customers’ ongoing commercial activities, we provide services for all trade registry procedures such as address change, article changes, general assembly meetings, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations etc.


Financial Consulting and Advisory about

  • Taxation in Turkey (Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Tax Procedures, Value Added Tax, Stamp Tax, Special Consumption Tax etc.)
  • Labor Law (Severance Payments, Prior Notices, Annual Leaves, Employment and unemployment of personnel, overtime work etc.)
  • Social Security Legislation
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Agreements For Avoidance Of Double Taxation Between Turkey and Other Countries
    Social Security Agreements Between Turkey and Other Countries
  • Commerce Code
  • R&D Legislation and Incentives (Incentives at Techonology Development Regions, Incentives at R&D Centers, Tubitak Incentives etc.)
  • Free Trade Zone Legislation
  • Franchasing


  • Establishment Of Liaison Offices For Foreign Companies
  • Procedures of Change of Name, Representative, Address
  • Permit extensions for liaison offices from the Ministry of Industry and Technology


  • Obtaining work permits and residence permits for expatriate personnel
  • Time extension procedures for work permits and residence permits
  • International Social Security Agreements (Social security exemptions of foreign persons working in Turkey)
  • Taxation of the salary earnings of foreign persons working in Turkey (International Tax Treaties)
  • Customs permit for temporary importation of household goods of expatriate personnel

We obtain work and residence permits for foreign personnel who will work in Turkey and providing consultancy services related to their social security and tax liabilities in Turkey.

Our team


Establishment of companies, branch offices, liaison offices

Company trade registry procedures

Capital raising and reduction procedures

Capital share transfers

Work and residence permits of foreigners

Social security exemptions of foreign persons working in Turkey

Bookkeeping and financial reporting

Tax advisory services

Tax refund procedures

Tax incentives applications

Transfer pricing implementations

Procedures for Company Article Changes

Company mergers, acquisitions, liquidations processes

General assembly meeting procedures


Customs permits related to expatriates

ERP and MIS implementation



Tax return filings

Tax exemption applications

Leasing agreements, loan agreements